Projects based on the ADS123x


While we are collecting other resources about the suitable ADS123x family of chips at Breakout für ADS1231 and Code für ADS1232 oder ADS1234, we need a different topic for collecting other types of resources.

ESPresso Scale

Fully open source (s/w & h/w) scale project.

image image

P.S.: jousis’ first iteration on this topic was GitHub - jousis9/scale-featherwing: Scale FeatherWing with RC input filter and separate analog LDO. (ADS1232 24-bit ADC), also at jousis / Scale FeatherWing · GitLab.


A sweet all-in-one PCB & code by Pasakorn Tiwatthanont based on Mbed/STM32.


Read weight values from popular different loadcell ADCs: HX711, ADS1232, and ADS1220, then transmit via LoRaWAN network.


This project is meant to test low-power embedded system over wireless communication such LoRaWAN. Based on Mbed platform and EmOne’s STM32L151x controller, modules: HX711, ADS1232, and ADS1220 have been used for recording and streaming weights over the network.


Disclaimer: Not exclusively ADS1232, but I don’t know where else to put right now.

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