PREV'AIR - Air information Ressource in France

Reading your recent posts I was wondering if the same kind of information was existing in France, and indeed it is.

PREV’AIR offers a selection of air quality products accessible every day at 9am. The available data concern the prediction (up to D + 2) and the analysis (optimal representation on the basis of modeling and real-time observations available every day for the day before D-1) of the surface concentrations (in μg / m3) of the main pollutants namely ozone (O3) and particles (PM10). Values ​​provided are relative to either the hourly maximum of the day or the daily average.

The data is available in the form of maps covering metropolitan France at a spatial resolution of about 2km. The latitude longitude variables (lat / lon) corresponding to the center of the meshes of the model.

The files are in netcdf format