PPP over Serial (PPPoS) support for MicroPython on ESP32


At PPP over Serial (PPPoS) support for SIM800 within ESP-IDF for ESP32, we looked at PPPoS support within the Espressif SDK for ESP32 (ESP-IDF). Here, we are looking for respective MicroPython support.

It looks like appropriate support from Genuine MicroPython has been here just hidden in plain sight – since MicroPython 1.10 already.

To be safe, we might want to compare that AT command sequence to initialize a PPPoS connection with the Loboris MicroPython implementation at libGSM.c. Hint: While Boris uses some additional commands, this looks good already!

We have tried to implemented this for @sarusso’s SIM800 driver module, however it is still untested (WIP).