Picotui -- A Text User Interface (TUI) widget toolkit for MicroPython


Picotui is a Text User Interface (TUI) widget library for Python3. It is known to work with CPython3 and Pycopy (Unix version is officially supported for the latter), but should work with any Python3 implementation which allows to access stdin/stdout file descriptors.


Found this guy the other day and always wanted to share it with you to propose it as an alternative to a web-based settings UI. Just discussed it with @clemens. @weef will also like it ;].





This fine GUI toolkit has been written by Paul Sokolovsky. Thanks a bunch!


Other candidates

Yeah, I like TurboVision! ;)

Guck mal, wer das noch tut und am 30.11.2010 dies auch kundgetan hat: Turbo Vision download | SourceForge.net

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Da schau her.

We will still have to verify if it will work on Pycom MicroPython. With Pycom Firmware Release 1.20.1, there might actually be a chance.

I like MS-DOS ;-) looks a bit like, or C64, but back to 80th is ok!

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Will this toolkit work on MicroPython?

Will this toolkit work on MicroPython?

We just stripped any references to the signal, termios and tty modules and are looking at how things are done within @robert-hh’s GitHub - robert-hh/Micropython-Editor: Small on-board editor for PyBoard, WiPy, ESP8266, PyCom devices, ESP32 (or others) written in Python.


Looks like there is a way through…