Outage of Clemens' GPRS node #2

I noticed end of November that my node #2 did not send any data. And also our monitoring system sent me an email:

> Betreff: [PROBLEM] Grafana datasource freshness for Open Hive Clemens #2 on elbanco.hiveeyes.org is WARNING!
> Datum: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 20:09:05 +0100
> Von: Cicerops Monitoring 
> An: Clemens
> ***** Service Monitoring on sublime *****
> Grafana datasource freshness for Open Hive Clemens #2 on elbanco.hiveeyes.org is WARNING!
> Info:    WARNING - Data in hiveeyes_open_hive_clemens:default_2_sensors is stale for 1h or longer
> When:    2018-11-26 20:09:05 +0100
> Service: Grafana datasource freshness for Open Hive Clemens #2
> [...]

A look at the latest received datasets showed that voltage (last column) is ok:

2018/11/26 18:06:05,   8.222,  4.6, 99.9, 3.98
2018/11/26 18:26:05,   8.222,  4.6, 99.9, 3.98
2018/11/26 18:46:05,   8.222,  4.6, 99.9, 3.98
2018/11/26 19:06:05,   8.222,  4.6, 99.4, 3.98

So what’s wrong? I did not change anything.

Because my node #2 is a part of the over all system monitoring, @Andreas bugged me to replace my node with another one because it is now off since a longer time. So I had to have to look whats wrong. ;-)

I found a note with some details about the SIM cards, and here you are:

Tel.-Number:  01573-xxxxxxx 
Provider:     blau.de

status: 2018-02-03
  - available balance:  15,34 EUR 
  - valide until:       2018-11-26

Ah, I knew this date from somewhere … ok, I have to transfer some money!

Now it’s getting thrilling! We had no contact to the device since end of November. As the GPRS module tries to reestablish a connection multiple times in case of failure, this also might have drained the battery.

So we will see 17:26:05 if we could raise the node from dead or if we have to charge not only the balance of the prepaid card but also the LiPo. But it should be a good opportunity today, it is Sunday! ;-)

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After topping up my prepaied card by bank transfer (“Handy aufladen”) the new balance showed up immediately on my blau.de dashboard. But more than 20 minutes ago I got still no new data from node #2. So I disassembled the electronic box and checked the lipo: 3.8 V. Should be more than good enough for a internet connection. So I think the blau.de server has no notice about the new money and it will take some time …

Seems that my records about the SIM card was not up to date and I had am other card with the same expiring date and I topped up this card also, now it is running again:

2018/12/17 10:26:40,   8.208,  2.0, 83.4, 3.82

Still summer time and you see the time is not accurate after some running.

The monitoring team says:

Thanks a bunch!


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I had expected your saying : “And again it was the cable!” ;-)

Ah, sure! It’s always the cable, @einsiedlerkrebs knows this well. ;]