OSBH Data, Comparison: Types of Bees and Their Traits

@Tristan_OSBH wrote an article about the different types of honey bees, especially Apis mellifera.


At the end of the article he showed some results from the data collection with the OSBH system:

  • Carnica and Caucasia have more collapsed hives and
  • Scutellata (Africanized honey bee) has more queenless hives

This are interesting observations but also a bit problematic. You compare bees types that are in different climate zones. And you don’t know if the underlaying algorithm is working right, e.g. I die some test recordings and got a collapsed result but bees where well. So perhaps Carnicas are more silent than Scutellata and need a lower volume for “dead” than other bees? But it was a half year ago. So I hope the algorithm was improved since this time.

Interesting is also the good evaluation result of the Ligustica! My fear is that OSBH as no Buckfast subspecies in the type definitions. But a lot of professional beekeeper has Buckfast bees. They have a reddish abdomen and looking phenotypic similar to the Ligustica. Perhaps professional beekeeper categorize the bees more often as "Italian".

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I got this answer on Facebook from Open Source Beehives

Hi Clemens! Thanks for your comment. You are 100% right about climate zones. However, we only took beekeeper reports into consideration, and not the algorithm results, so that’s not coming into play here.