Neonious One


A microcontroller board, programmable and debuggable out of the box in an on-board web-based IDE, combining JavaScript ES 6 and the Node.JS API with Internet directly on the board via WiFi or Ethernet and with all the other interfaces a microcontroller board usually provides.

neonious one | Your JavaScript brain for your Internet of Things project

At one glance


  • Programmable in JavaScript ES 6+ with Node.JS API support. Enough resources to run sophisticated npm software libraries.
  • Only few secs boot time (no Linux), fast byte code execution. Energy-efficient CPU. Low energy usage.
  • On-board web-based IDE with full-featured debugger gives you the best programming experience possible.
  • IDE features a graphical package manager for npm , allowing you to tap into the largest software registery in the world.


  • 27 I/O pins, 11 of these pins usable as ADC (provided by accurate LPC822, not ESP32), 2 pins are 20 mA 5 V-tolerant open drain pins, 2 pins usable as touch sensor. 23 pins can be used freely for SPI, I2C or UART!
  • LPC822 switch matrix. [1]
  • 58 mm x 27 mm (2.28 inch x 1.06 inch), tightest posible design with chips mounted on top and bottom. Breadboard compatible!
  • 150-Mbit WiFi (2,4 GHz, 802.11 b/g/n) and 10/100-Mbit Ethernet.
  • 240 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, 4 MB Flash dedicated to your application, with all files being compressed on the fly. System + IDE use separate dedicated CPU core, RAM and Flash.

  1. LPC82X | NXP – Low-Cost Microcontrollers (MCUs) based on Arm® Cortex®-M0+ Cores. ↩︎

Where to get Neonious One board? How to purchase it?

I don’t think you can buy it anywhere now (was this even ever possible in the past?).

The company now has its third name since back then (they now are AXF Energy GmbH, after being Ambrego Labs GmbH, after neonious GmbH), during those change of names they aimed becoming a biotech company fighting cancer, now they seem to develop technology for bioethanol (and byproducts) production, albeit carrying “IoT” in the company’s aims…

Their domains and do not resolve, only their (former?) github can still be seen: Neonious · GitHub .