Modern libraries for reading the HX711 ADC

There are two new repositories found on GitHub who dedicate themselves to providing a fresh start in comparison to the established ones. From my perspective, the code and design looks crisp and I would like to encourage you to give it a ride.

HX711 for Arduino

HX711 for Python on RaspberrryPi

HX711 for MicroPython

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There is a nice calibration example with saving the calibration parameter to EEPROM!

Also averaging and Ignoreing high and low outlier is implemented.

But we should wait a time and watch if this lib is maintained in the future also!

Here is the documentation for non-volatile storage (NVS) access based on the SPI Flash APIs — ESP-IDF Programming Guide v4.0-dev-141-g106dc0590 documentation – ESP only!

There’s also a nice example for interrupt-driven reading of the HX711, which essentially does

// Attach interrupt service routine to pin state change event
attachInterrupt(doutPin, ISR, FALLING);
// Interrupt service routine
void ISR() {

Doing it this way might mitigate observed problems like:

See also:

Hi there,

It would be cool if something out there using the HX711 with Arduino/C++ could test the interrupt-driven reading and maybe even report back about respective observations. It might mitigate some of the observations some people are experiencing when reading the HX711. Do you still also work on the Arduino-based firmwares, @clemens, @Ron or @Thias?

Ja, im Einsatz, aber ich glaube, wir haben gerade andere Baustellen.