MicroPython-Datalogger for ESP32 and STM32

While we haven’t seen any larger mature MicroPython-based datalogger implementations for the Pycom family of devices and other MCUs yet, things are being ramped up so some interesting pieces begin dropping in. We are starting a collection here and will refactor this post as we go.

Air quality monitor based on Pycom WiPy and PMS5003

By Dominik Kapusta.

Especially, we’d like to point out this elaborated implementation.

PyCom LoPy or WiPy BME280/BME680 SDS011/PMS7003/SPS30 GPS MySense sensor kit

By Teus Hagen et al.

– Via: GitHub - teusH/MySense: Python based framework for collecting data from sensors and brokers to forward the json values to database, brokers, display


Interesting enough, this closes the loop right away as it references the initial article by Dominik Kapusta, the creator of the PMS5003-based air quality monitor listed above, see Home-made Air Quality monitoring using WiPy | Dominik Kapusta. The world is so small.


The MySense really seems to be an Eierlegende Wollmilchsau kind of device and framework. While it quickly becomes obvious that it has a lot of stuff in it, it can also ship its data to luftdaten.info, see its output channel MyLUFTDATEN HTTP Post.

The dust sensors are Nova SDS011, Shinyei PPD42NS, Dylos DC1100 Pro. The datalogger can send/store data to/into MySQL, InfluxDB, MQTT, Google Spreadsheet and maybe more data sinks.

On the dataviz side, the HighCharts library is used. Looking at you, Grafana ;].

Hut ab, we should get interested in this.



More pictures




Basic testing/development done on these platforms.

  • Linux
  • STM32F405RGT
  • PyBoard
  • ESP32
  • ESP8266

Source code