Learning about the public weather dashboards in Grafana


Grafana and your project seems to be awesome, I want to learn about your dashboard conception, How can I reproduce same configuration?
Could you post json dashboard?

Thanks a lot
Have a good day

Hi Yann, in what dashboard you are interested? The magic is not only the dashboard but getting the data from the DWD Open Data weather service.

Hi clement
really all dashboard like welcome dashboard (Grafana) (understand how geomap like letzte Temperatur are constructed, variable template)
-meteogramm-messwerte-and-vorhersage (for example I want to understand how you have create nur vorhersage and populate with emoticone of weather) it’s awesome

I’m a beginner of grafana, and I want to use to another domain (traffic road open data) and if I dream, may be also join with weather service (in order to see impact of rain of density of congestion, something like that)

Thank in advance

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Dear @yann-insa,

thank you for writing in. I believe only @wtf can give you a concise answer on your question. In the meanwhile, you may find sensible information about this topic at Windrose in Grafana emulieren / simple compass rose by range mapping and Importieren von DWD-Wetterdaten in InfluxDB.

As all the dashboards are public, I think it should be possible to always get the most recent version of their JSON source representations using the public HTTP API. You can find out about the corresponding resource URL by inspecting the requests being made using your browser’s web console.

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