Kotori 0.23.0 released

Dear community,

after installation issues with Kotori on Ubuntu 18.04 [1] and Debian “buster” 10 [2] reported by @Rui and @georges.gagliano (thanks!), we finally revamped our build system [3] and released fresh packages.


  • Different .deb packages now supporting both Debian “stretch” 9.x and Debian “buster” 10.x.
  • Both distributions yield packages for both "amd64" and "armhf" architectures.


As we are confident the current release packages based on these changes work reasonably well by testing them on our own machines, we are encouraging others to try them on their premises. After registering with the package repository outlined at Setup on Debian — Kotori 0.23.0 documentation [4], we recommend to install/upgrade Kotori in the following way.

Installation on Intel/AMD machines

apt install --install-recommends --install-suggests kotori

Installation on ARM machines [5]

apt install --install-recommends --install-suggests kotori-standard

Please let us know about any issues you might encounter with the installation and operation.

With kind regards,

  1. Installation from .deb package on Ubuntu 18.04 fails · Issue #7 · daq-tools/kotori · GitHub ↩︎

  2. Installation from .deb package on Debian 10 fails · Issue #19 · daq-tools/kotori · GitHub ↩︎

  3. Build Kotori using Docker — Kotori 0.23.0 documentation ↩︎

  4. Note that the package repository location has been updated. Please make sure you are using the appropriate line within your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/daqzilla.list. ↩︎

  5. Use this command to install/upgrade Kotori on BeagleBone, RaspberryPi and friends. ↩︎

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