InfluxDB 1.6.0 released

On July 5, 2018, InfluxDB 1.6.0 was released. It brings a bunch of features which might be interesting for some members of our community, especially our data nerds experts composing advanced queries to InfluxDB when working intensively with Grafana.

Some feature highlights

  • #9499: Implement basic trigonometry functions.
  • #9632: Implement floor, ceil, and round functions.
  • #9620: Add more math functions to influxql.
  • #9649: Allow math functions to be used in the condition.
  • #10044: Implement bitset iterator.
  • #9977: Allow value filtering on SHOW TAG VALUES.
  • #10094: Fix a panic when matching on a specific type of regular expression.

Breaking changes

  • If math is used with the same selector multiple times, it will now act as a selector rather than an aggregate. See #9563 for details.

Currently, we are running InfluxDB 1.5.3 on our machines. Please let us know if we should prioritize upgrading to the most recent release. Usually, we wait for some bug fix releases to happen, so a 1.6.3 version would be our optimal target.