HX711 library support for multiple load cells

Disclaimer: I’m not into the details of this topic but nevertheless wanted to share something which is currently going on in this area. Enjoy reading and - as always - feedback is welcome.


This might be of interest for all people who are into things like

bogde/HX711 #35: Setting up multiple amplifiers for multiple load cells

Some people at GitHub - bogde/HX711: An Arduino library to interface the Avia Semiconductor HX711 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) for Weight Scales. are experimenting with multiple load cells driven by a single (or multiple? Does this actually make sense?) amplifier(s). Maybe one of us can already support them over there?

There was an update just a few minutes ago:

I’m currently trying to run 4 load cells connected to 4 HX711 boards, with preferable full speed (~80Hz).

Looks like they are still struggling with getting things right:

Just wanted to let you know the conversation over at Bogdans HX711 library for Arduino is still alive, see Seting Up multiple amplifiers for multiple load cells · Issue #35 · bogde/HX711 · GitHub ff.

Haven’t you also been into this, @petekmet, @TK5EP, @Juergen, @mhies, @mois and @clemens?