Hive weights through winter

Is anyone in this group able to point me to Internet accessible hive weight data through at least one winter? Jürgen Tautz’s site does not seem to be very user friendly, or my browser cannot handle it.

Hi David,

you can take a look here:
2015-2016: Bienenstockwaage - Standort Niederkrüchten-Overhetfeld
2016-2017: Bienenstockwaage - Standort Niederkrüchten-Overhetfeld (a little to heavy, i misinterpreted my own statistics)
2017- : Bienenstockwaage - Volk 1 - Standort Niederkrüchten-Overhetfeld

It’s a hive in a wooden box, Zander size with a 5kg stone on top of it. Like on this picture:

As possible comparison the hive next to it, but only since April 17:

Do you know “Trachtnet”? it’s an onlne service for beekeepers to find local weight data for beekeepers. There are data from several dozen scales. The data must not bee complete and you have no information about details.

  • click on a circle on the map
  • click on “Details”
  • on the upper left side in the new opened window you can find a drop down (defaul “2 Monate”), there you can choose “1 Jahr” (1 year)
  • there is an export function in the top menu under “Profi”

P.S: On the hobos website choose the scale location “Schwartau”, the default hive in Wuerzburg is not sending due to construction work. I think this link should show you the weight data from September 2014 till now[]=schwartau&fromdate=01.09.2014&fromtime=0&todate=01.10.2017&totime=0&chartsc[]=gewicht&filter=Übernehmen

And (older) weight data from Wuerzburg[]=wuerzburg&fromdate=01.09.2012&fromtime=0&todate=01.6.2015&totime=0&chartsc[]=gewicht&filter=Übernehmen

It’s also impressiv to see the temperature ranges in the hive depending on the season:[]=schwartau&fromdate=01.09.2014&fromtime=0&todate=01.10.2017&totime=0&chartsa[]=temperatur4&chartsa[]=temperatur5&chartsa[]=temperatur6&chartsa[]=temperatur7&chartsa[]=temperatur8&chartsc[]=gewicht&filter=Übernehmen

Thanks for your links Alex. Just what I needed! The winter consumption
figures are easy to read. Their gradual fall is surprisingly linear given that the
winter temperature fluctuations are as much as about 18C.

Clemens, thanks for pointing me to ‘Trachtnet’. I had no idea that such a
brilliant resource exists. As far as I know, there’s nothing like it in the
UK, although with the arrival of the monitoring system including scales we
might eventually see something similar developing here.
Thanks also for advice on the site. Their Markus Kiunke replied to an email I sent there some days ago, and I got the site to work in my browser.

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FYI: @Alex’ measurements can also be viewed here: