Hi, I am Hugo


I am a microbiologist and keen beekeeper in Wellington, New Zealand. I have zero coding experience but am keen to learn. I thought this would be an interesting project for me and my family while learning new skills. We are a bit overwhelmed with where to start. Thank you for accepting me in this group.


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Dear Hugo,

welcome to our small community. As you might recognize, we are still rather development-heavy and working hard towards a solution which can be reproduced by others with little effort and less knowledge than needed when designing such a system we are building here.

While we have been able to make some reasonable achievements already, I would also like to point out our collection of Other projects - Hiveeyes where you might be able to find more mature solutions in the same field.

Saying that, we are also happy to support you getting closer to the topic and the community forum is really a huge pile of resources for reading into different topics. However, I would also like to point out that there might still be (lots of) dragons.

When looking at the data acquisition part, Meßdaten an die Hiveeyes Plattform übermitteln would be a good place to start – kind of in the center of the whole system. From there, you might want to expand your journey into different directions [1] [2].

Just let us know if you have further specific questions about specific topics.

With kind regards,

  1. On the hardware side, there is crafting, milling, drilling and grinding for building a weigh scale platform as well as electronics, sensors, cables, plugging, wiring and soldering for building a datalogger appliance. On the other side, there are different pieces of firmware for operating the appliance and further downstream software components for the data acquisition on the backend side, complemented by the data visualization, annotation and alerting thing. Turtles all the way down. ↩︎

  2. Please use the translation feature to support your understanding when German is not your thing.
    image ↩︎

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@Hugo : … but take the translation result with grains of salt as this is far from perfect! ;)