Halbautomatisches Update der Sequans Firmware an FiPy

Neulich wurde versucht, ob die Modem-Firmware nicht vielleicht auch halbautomatisch eingespielt werden könnte, so wash & go halt.

Upgrade Sequans firmware through UART

TLDR; Failed on this.



make setup

For the host part of this, you will have to run half of the sqnsupgrade toolkit on your workstation. To make that easier, there are respective setup commands available after yet another invocation of make setup already, see hiveeyes-micropython-firmware/setup.mk at 11e8eaf2e3d345f326dbe3b5e7464ba89782b3f2 · hiveeyes/hiveeyes-micropython-firmware · GitHub.


# Put Sequans modem into recovery mode to prepare full firmware upgrade.
make prepare-modem-upgrade

# Install most recent NB1 firmware as of August 2019.
make install-modem-nb1

State of the onion

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to automate the process of modem firmware upgrade by providing the Firmware files directory from the workstation through UART.

make prepare-modem-upgrade seems to work: The recovery mode whatsoever will get enabled which is indicated by lighting up the LED in bright white. However, make install-modem-nb1 stalls on my machine which sucks.

I believe @wtf and @roh went down the SD-Card route, which is probably the more promising approach – right?