Greetings from Vladimir, Russia

Greetings to all hiveeyes community from Vladimir, Russia!

My name is Dmitry Sorokin.
First of all big thanks for this great project, for all the information and knowledge accumulated in code, documentation, and forum.

I was practicing backyard beekeeping from 2008 besides my day work in IT and industrial automation.
I had a little break last few years but in this season I put few families back again.
Now I have two hives already equipped to collect and transmit data.
It is done with ESP32 modules similarly as it is done for ESP8266.
I have two half-weight scales, DS18B20 temperature sensors and some other sensors to be installed.
Mosquitto, Influxdb, Grafana, Kotori are installed on a local Debian Stretch machine and already accepting the data.
What I want to do next:

  • prepare more and better scales
  • make the setup more fault tolerant
  • set acquisition machine on Raspberry Pi with external storage
  • retransmit data to hiveeyes cloud (with lower frequency)
  • add more sensors
  • test more firmware (like micropython nodes)

That is the plan and what I got already would not be possible that quick without the hiveeyes’ examples and docs.

So, thanks again and all the best,
Dmitry Sorokin