Grafana 5.0 release

Dear Grafana lovers,

we just received an announcement from Grafana Labs that they released a beta version of Grafana 5.0. Enjoy reading about What’s New in Grafana v5.0 and the Release Notes v5.0.x.

Kudos to the whole Grafana team and all contributors for making this happen.



Hi there,

we just wanted to let you know that we now also operate another DAQ (Data Acquisition) system on, currently without any access restrictions. We are running fresh releases of InfluxDB 1.4.3 and Grafana 5.0.0-beta3 there and also configured the "hiveeyes" realm on this system.

So, anyone interested will be able to also send measurement data to the system and check out the new features of Grafana 5.

Cheers, the people of Hiveeyes.

P.S.: Just let us know if you would like to get credentials for write access to the Grafana instance on this machine.

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The Grafana team released the official Grafana v5.0 GA on the 1st of March.

You might enjoy reading Torkels release announcement: