Getting HaniMandl out into the world / Hanimandl raus in die grosse Welt werfen

Hi everyone,
As I will be away for the next 2 weeks, I think it is a good idea that I deliver the version with commentaries translated, even though I didnt have the time to translate any of the functions and variables.
This way, I hope that people who would like to work on the project meanwhile can already do it on the partially translated version, as to avoid having to transfer progress from one version to another.
hani-mandl-wroom-translated-commentaries.ino (186,3 Ko)
I have named this version W.0.3 as to respect the current naming convention.
Here is also my translation of GUI to French. I checked it for OLED 128x64 displays only.
resources_fr.h (3,5 Ko)
I’m really not sure that this is a good place to upload all this, but I must say that I am completely ignorant of the correct way to share these files. Please forgive me if that is not appropriate.

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Now I have a few issues, questions and commentaries to make:
-I have not been able to get my TFT display to work. The pin defintion in the current code for display type 3 doesnt make sense to me, and I didnt have any time to dive into that subject. Also I noticed that I ordered a ILI9341 version instead of a ST7735 version. May they be compatible? If anyone has a quick answer to that, I’ll gladly take it.
-I think that it would be a very very good idea to include an explicit mention of the license Hanimandl was developed under inside the code itself. I myself only very recently found that licensing while doing my research in the archives. I think this is less than ideal.
-I think it would be a very good idea to include the types of jars definition within the resources_**.h files. This way the denomination for jars could be directly translated with the rest.

This is all for now, I’ll check back in about 2 weeks!

The code under GitHub - hiveeyes/hanimandl: HaniMandl ist ein halbautomatischer Honig-Abfüll-Roboter. is developed for an OLED display, not for TFT, see HaniMandl, halbautomatischer Honig-Abfüll-Roboter - #4 by clemens !!

We had some issues with the license because the first author wrote some lines, but it was no standard license. But @Andreas nailed it down now and we have a dedicated license. Good idea to mention it within the code.

Hi there!
Just a quick update.
I’ve been very beesy with the beekeeping season starting much earlier than anticipated, so everything got delayed on my side.
I have finally translated the code itself. Variables and functions now have English names.
Code translation is done, but I haven’t found the time to do any testing, it might be completely broken.
I’ll try and get to it ASAP. I will be testing on both TFT 320x240 and OLED 128x64.
Just let me know if you wanna have it before that.
Maybe @Roland would be interested to look into it, since my translation is based on his dev branch?