Flipper Zero -- Multi-tool Device for Geeks


Flipper Zero is a portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in a toy-like body. It loves hacking digital stuff, such as radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more. It’s fully open-source and customizable, so you can extend it in whatever way you like.

Flipper Zero is a tiny piece of hardware with a curious personality of a cyber-dolphin. It can interact with digital systems in real life and grow while you use it. Explore any kind of access control system, RFID, radio protocols, and debug hardware using GPIO pins.

The idea of Flipper Zero is to combine all the hardware tools you’d need for exploration and development on the go. Flipper was inspired by the pwnagotchi project, but unlike other DIY boards, Flipper is designed with the convenience of everyday usage in mind — it has a robust case, handy buttons, and shape, so there are no dirty PCBs or scratchy pins. Flipper turns your projects into a game, reminding you that development should always be fun.


  • Sub-1 GHz Transceiver
    CC1101 is a universal transceiver designed for very low-power wireless applications. It supports various types of digital modulations such as 2-FSK, 4-FSK, GFSK and MSK, as well as OOK and flexible ASK shaping.

  • 125 kHz RFID
    Low-frequency proximity cards are pretty dumb, store only an N-byte ID and do not have any authentication mechanism, allowing them to be read, cloned and emulated by anyone. A 125 kHz antenna is located on the bottom of Flipper Zero — it can read low-frequency proximity cards and save them to memory to emulate later.

  • NFC
    The built-in NFC module (13.56 MHz) supports all the major standards.

  • iButton
    A built-in 1-Wire connector to read iButton contact keys. This old technology is still widely used around the world. It uses the 1-Wire protocol that doesn’t have any authentication.

  • Bluetooth
    Full Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support allows Flipper Zero to act as a peripheral device, allowing you to connect your Flipper Zero to 3rd-party devices and smartphones.

  • Infrared Transceiver
    Flipper Zero has a built-in library of signals for common TV, AC, projectors, stereo systems brands. This library is constantly updated by the Flipper Zero community by adding new signals to the IR Remote database.

  • Hardware Exploration Tool
    Flipper Zero is a versatile tool for hardware exploration, firmware flashing, debugging, and fuzzing. It can be connected to any piece of hardware using GPIO to control it with buttons, run your own code and print debug messages to the LCD. It can also be used as a regular USB to UART, SPI, I2C, etc adapter.


  • 1.4" monochrome LCD display, 128x64 px, ultra-low power, sunlight-readable
  • 5-button directional pad
  • Status LED
  • USB Type-C Power & charging Firmware update
  • MicroSD card slot
  • GPIO pins, 3.3V logic levels, 5V tolerant for input
  • Infrared transceiver
  • 1-Wire pogo pins



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Canadian government is banning Flipper Zero to combat auto theft.

– via: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39308731

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