Feedback to Beep Version 2, Preview

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@marten.schoonman announced some day before the Preview of Beep Version 2. Here are some impressions and feedback from my side.

Marten added replies to the points made indicated with
ms >>

Start screen

  • there is no language switch, you are forced to log-in with a Dutch UI
    ms >> correct, this is too limited and will be changed i.e. avail the language choice on the main screen.
  • mouse pointer is not changing to hand (default for links) while hovering over this two text link e.g. “Nog geen account? Registreer als een nieuwe gebruiker” and “Wachtwoord vergeten?”
    ms >> Thanks for pointing that out. We will look into that.

Resetting Password

Create new apiary

  • Hive type, for Germany I would add “Deutsch-Normalmaß”
    ms >> I has been added to the list

Apiaries [overview]

  • in case I have 2 apiaries and I edit a hive in the 2nd apiary, after saving this and going automatically back to the dashboard the 2nd apiariy is closed and the first is opend - app should “remember” what was opend and what un-folded
    ms >> good point and usability improvement. It is on the development backlog (list of things to improve).

Edit Hive

  • not totally clear what is editing hive and what is a inspection, e.g. I can add super in the edit section but I do it as a part of an inspection.
    ms >> Indeed. Hives have some static details such as the type of hive. And dynamic data such as the configuration (e.g. number of layers). Currently the configuration changes are limited. Users have also asked to be able to change the order and add more details such as queen excluder. That is on the backlog. Our idea is to 1. make this a visual interface (drag and drop items) and 2. be able to do this during filling an inspection. The detailed approach has not been worked out yet.
  • Queen Name is unusual, I have some (one!) geeky beekeeper friend that give queens names but in the most cases and under normal beekeepers you have numbers
    ms >> Just like with with inspection taxonomy, we have also detailed a queen characteristics taxonomy. It contains a range of fields including the ones you mention here below. The implementation of these fields will be done in a future version (not version 2.0). It will mean also that beekeepers involved in queen rearing can store essential data for their record keeping.
  • on my record card I have also the parentage of the queen
    ms >> see above
  • with an optionsl field “Begattung” so you can say “standbegattung” or “Belegstelle” or “instrumentell”
    ms >> see above
  • also editing tasks are not historically saved, so I can not say I have added a 2nd super on May 5th, I think there is no historic data houshold - for editing a hive - so what I wish is to see when did things, e.g. adding the next super or a second broad layer. I have no idea how I can see this in the current version of the app.
    ms >> this is indeed not visible and is on the wishlist. In the current app you can use the notification field in the inspection to record such changes. Especially if it is essential for you to know when this took place.


  • The customizable inspection list is great! I have choosen all options So I got lost in the end. Can we have a default set of options? So you are not lost and in case you are not happy you can edit the default set?
    ms >> Good to hear. A lot of work got into making it and there were a lot of choices and trade-offs to make it 1. complete 2. useable 3. easy-to-understand. Choosing all options is indeed a bit overwhelming. The edit button is placed in the inspection so that you can easily add e.g. disease elements if you need them. Indeed there is a default set, which is the set in version 1, see
  • Some Items in the list are related to spring only or summer (Honey, nucleus). So I would like to have this options in one or two inspections but not for the whole year.
    ms >> That makes sense of course. You can add the items in summer by editing the list and remove them after summer. Currently there is one list you can change items for. It is the first step to be able to create multiple lists in a future version. So this means that you can create multiple lists and then just select the one you need for a specific part of the year or for a specific purpose.
  • For me is also unclear what happens in case I de-select an option? Are my data gone? Or no more visible in the inspection details or only not available in the next inspection round as form fields?
    ms >> No, the data is still there! The list is separate from the data storage. The list is just a configuration of what you want to see or hide. We will adjust the instruction on the edit inspection list page. And even when you hive items, they are still (with the data) visible in the inspection overview.
  • I do still miss the ability to have a kind of “bulk edit” option. Or a inspection note for the apiary. So I can easily say swarm control done for all hives.
    ms >> Adding this feature is on the to do list. How the interface should exactly work is to be detailed. Inspection note for the apiary sounds like a great approach to this.
  • I like the overview table!! With all inspections side by side!
    ms >> Great. When you fill in a lot of data, the amount can be a bit overwhelming. A future improvement could be to make the table configurable ie. the user selects what they want to see.
  • I miss also a general input form for all things we have no specific section.
    ms >> Good point. Version 1 has a field for Notes which is used a lot. Many testers of v2 have indicated the note field need to remain, so it will be there indeed when v2 is launched.


  • no mouse pointer change to hand while hovering over a navigation list item
    ms >> we will look into this.

So this as a short feedback. Btw. where can we “test” the translation feature?
ms >> Yes, we will share a login once the German list is added to English and Dutch.

Many, many thanks! The most important feedback would be that I can see added or removed boxes in a historic way. But perhaps you have done this and I can not see it because I do it on a single session on the same day. Or I missed a section in the inspection list.
ms >> Thank you for the review! Looking forward to chat more about the next steps with the platform!

The “official” German Breeding directives

have a 4 pont scale for

  • Sanftmut: sehr sanft – sanft – nervös – bösartig
  • Wabensitz: fest – ruhig – laufend – flĂĽchtig
  • Volksstärke: sehr stark – stark – normal – schwach
  • Schwarmtrieb: fehlt – leicht lenkbar – schwer lenkbar – sehr
  • Winterfestigkeit: gut – mittel – gering – fehlt
  • FrĂĽhjahrsentwicklung: sehr schnell – schnell – normal – langsam

So I think we are also fine with the 5 stars

Ah! Thanks! Where you write “official” is exactly the challenge I came across when compiling the bee data taxonomy (data structure/dictionary). If there would be a generally accepted, preferably international, standard for scoring such elements, that would be great. An initiative in that direction is (presentation: YouTube) where a second meeting is planned soon to discuss how to go about implementing this initiative.

Note, that the Beep data taxonomy is extendable. That means in practice that for specific goals such as a citizen science project with beekeepers, specific fields and types of scores can be added to the inspection list.

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