Esparto: A rapid development framework for ESP8266 devices



This looks very sweet. Enjoy reading.

Summary of Esparto’s main features

Phil Bowles did a great job putting this framework together while addressing ease of use, rapid development and industrial strength while building on top of other’s work:

The developer “me-no-dev” (ironic understatement of the decade) needs special praise for some gems [incorporated into this firmware]: Esparto could not work without them. I’d even go as far as to say that no robust ESP8266 firmware could.

Selected MQTT library

Phil’s comment regarding MQTT libraries for Arduino/ESP:

PubSubClient v2.6

Be careful: there are two or three MQTT client libraries out there for Arduino – do not be tempted to use any other than the above: they simply won’t work.

GitHub - philbowles/esparto: ESPARTO Version 2.0 Arduino Library for rapid development on ESP8266 (SONOFF, Wemos D1, NodeMCU etc)

We also had been looking at this gem by Nick O’Leary, see also Arduino MQTT lib, welche?.


me-no-dev is also committing to Arduino core for the ESP32, which commit log is a pleasure to read.