Digital timer for varrox usage…

maybe a little off topic but for usage (outside of germoney) and controlling time of VARROX®-Verdampfer gegen Varroa i want to use a digital timer, any suggestions in the swarm except what @robert sent out to me? (DC 12V 20A Digital Display Time Delay Relay Timing Timer Cycling Module 0-999h&l | eBay) varrox runs with 12V and heats up wit a max load of 150W so a current of 12,5A is drawn.

dank @weef: DC12V Zeitrelais Verzögerungsschalter Delay Relais on/off Schalter Modul 0-60min | eBay

Given the mentioned use case, I’d rather have suggested a more reasonable device… Looking at a detail of their PCBA (don’t understand why they didn’t get manage to at least picture their product without lousy errors), I doubt that this thing would have even worked:


The relay will work, but this timer IC probably won’t when not reworked.
I’ll search on… ;)

Sorry to unearth this old thread but I stumbled over it and would like to know what came of it.

I’m planning to build a similar device (for my bees in the Netherlands…). Now I used an empty super with a net inbetween. Then I used a small candle to vaporise the oxalic acid inside the super. Its of course debatable if that is better than under them but thats not the point here.
But the candle handling is a bit too messy for my case so I wanted to go electric with this:

and use some 3S Lipos I still have from the RC plane and an ATTiny to control it (yes, a NE555 would do the trick but its actual fewer components with the Tiny and I don’t mind the programming).

I’ve ordered the parts and will post here if there’s interest.

A long time ago @robert told me that he bought some, I think it was a caramic, heating elements for building a similar device as you described. Perhaps he can jump in here!