Digital timer for varrox usage…


maybe a little off topic but for usage (outside of germoney) and controlling time of VARROX®-Verdampfer gegen Varroa i want to use a digital timer, any suggestions in the swarm except what @robert sent out to me? DC 12V 20A Digital Display Time Delay Relay Timing Timer Cycling Module 0-999hZP | eBay
varrox runs with 12V and heats up wit a max load of 150W so a current of 12,5A is drawn.


dank @weef: DC12V Zeitrelais Verzögerungsschalter Delay Relais on/off Schalter Modul 0-60min | eBay


Given the mentioned use case, I’d rather have suggested a more reasonable device… Looking at a detail of their PCBA (don’t understand why they didn’t get manage to at least picture their product without lousy errors), I doubt that this thing would have even worked:


The relay will work, but this timer IC probably won’t when not reworked.
I’ll search on… ;)