Daily timelapse


my (only one) hive is in my stepmother’s garden, at 35 km from home.

Last year the colony has swarmed. I had installed an Arduino with sdcard writer
and ds18b20 to record temperatures changes. But it was near impossible to know
at which moment the swarm arrived. The only information I have was the neighbor indication about
a swarm in her tree.

So I though it could be nice to associate an image with datas. I have installed an IP camera in front
of the hive entry.
A raspberry Pi, via crontab take a snapshot every minutes when the light reach a threshold (luxmeter)
and send it via ssh to a remote server.
The image is cropped, I have made a quick PHP script that lists daily images and generate a JSON
in the webpage that could be used in browser with javascript.
the result could be seen on this page:

The full size images could also be seen:
or with a “range input”

We can also catch some vistors: