Circuitar Load Cell Nanoshield based on the TI ADS1230

Source: Load Cell - High resolution measurement for load cells - Arduino-compatible shields - Circuitar


High resolution measurement for load cells.

The Load Cell Nanoshield is a complete solution for high-precision, high-resolution load cell measurement. Using the ADS1230 integrated circuit from Texas Instruments, the module contains all the circuitry required to read a load cell. It includes an integrated amplifier, noise filtering circuit and a high-resolution ADC converter. It is ideal for applications where measurement of force, mass, tension or compression is needed.

The module offers a SPI interface, suitable for connection to a microcontroller using just a few pins. It is possible to connect up to 15 modules simultaneously to an Arduino, for example.


  • Complete solution for load cell measurement
  • Use it to measure forces like weight, tension or compression
  • Use up to 15 modules simultaneously
  • Effective output range of up to 100,000 points *
  • Configurable sampling rate: 10 or 80 SPS
  • Configurable amplifier gain
  • 5V or 3.3V power supply
  • Sample code including weight measurement

* e.g.: 1g of resolution with a 100kg and 3 mV/V load cell.

Software support


This piece of hardware has been mentioned by @edilsite at Observing weight drift with my setup. While I’m not a hardware guy and others might want to report about it, it looks well-engineered. Talking about the software driver, the code is really concise and crisp and takes care about many things other Arduino sensor drivers don’t even try to touch.

Thanks @edilsite for bringing this to us!