BeePad by Peter Kmet


A high-tech tool for the progressive beekeeper conceived by @petekmet. The BeePad integrates internal sensors for hive weight measurement, sensors for temperature, ambient relative humidity and atmospheric pressure. All the data measured are sent over independent radio link to your internet account so you can see actual conditions in the apiary regardless of where you are.


  • capacity 200kg, 1/10kg resolution, +/- 1/10kg accuracy
  • dimensions 410x500x40mm
  • robust ALU frame
  • 4 weight sensor, 4 ADC with 24-bit resolution
  • ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors
  • barometric pressure sensor
  • Sigfox, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth radios
  • tiny solar panel 110x60mm
  • integrated backup battery Li-Pol 3.7V 3Ah
  • 32-bit microprocessor

Telemetry options

  • BeePad operates using global wireless network Sigfox
  • BeePad operates in The Things Network (LoRaWAN)






Design reminds me of the Hive Scales | Arnia .

Btw we had the joy to see Peter’s / @petekmet scale already in 2017: ;-)

Hi Andreas, Clemens,
thank you for mentioning BeePad. Project is still alive in 2021. Sending you more current photos of the platform which aims to be as compact as possible and system as simple as possible :slight_smile:!
Best wishes from Czech republic!

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