Beep v3 / Ultra low power Nordic nRF52840 with HX711/LoRa/I2C/Audio ADC

With the Beep foundation we developed a (soon to be) open source PCB together with the low power and LoRa hardware specialists at Ideetron. The PCB has a lot of features that might interest you if you would like to have an affordable ultra low power bee hive measurement system.

The Beep PCB v3 has the following features:

  • Nordic nRF 52840 64 MHz ARM® Cortex™-M4 processor (with Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee on board)
  • LoRa RFM95 868 MHz (EU) add-on
  • I2C screw terminal (BME280 supported out of the box)
  • 1Wire screw terminal for multiple temperature sensors (1 to 5x DS18b20 supported out of the box)
  • HX711 weight amp on board with 7 port screw terminal (incl. shield to GND)
  • High quality audio ADC (92 dBA SNR) with Auto Gain Control (max 96 kHz sampling rate)
  • 3.5mm jack mic input 4 pins
  • Reed (magnet) switch to enable Bluetooth for configuration
  • Tilt switch for detecting movement and powering down if tilted 90 degrees
  • Buzzer for Bluetooth/Tilt/Reed switch interaction user feedback
  • 64 Mb Flash memory
  • Unique hardware key IC
  • Wireless LoRa configuration via Beep configuration app with Bluetooth
  • Firmware updates over the air via Bluetooth
  • All screw terminal inputs protected
  • 4 mounting busses for 83x58x33mm standard waterproof plastic casing
  • Size: 75x50x23mm incl. components
  • Ultra low power 3V regulator, 4.5μA in sleep
  • Much more than a year of battery life when transmitting LoRa data each 15 minutes!

BTW: we will launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Beep measurement system v3 at the 9th of November 2019, in which you can also order this PCB as a separate pledge :slight_smile:. Check out Crowdfunding measurement system v3 | BEEP - Bijenmonitoring for more info.