Beep Meetup January 2019


Hey there,

after arriving back from our trip to the BEEP meetup we wanted to say a big thank you for inviting us. It was a great pleasure meeting so many like-minded people just as enthusiastic about what we are all doing here.

Really happy to finally having met you all in person, @marten.schoonman, @iconize, @Diren, @wjmb, @skinkie and all other lovely people you brought together, we were having a very good time with you.

All the best, see you soon and keep up the spirit!


P.S.: @caro and @tox: We dearly have been missing you, hope you will be able to join next time!

Diren im Bee Observer (BOB) Projekt
Audio acquisition and analysis with ARM Cortex-M0 and I2S microphone


Hello all,

It was great to meet you in person, @clemens, @Andreas, and @Diren

Here are my slides on the audio analysis.

Best regards,


20190126_Beep_meetup_wjmb_public.pdf (1.6 MB)