Bee Health Guru -- Audio diagnostic app for beekeepers

Auch wenn die Fotos der kickstarter-Kampagne erst mal abschrecken und wie schlechte Werbung schreien das nicht so übel zu sein:

The money we raise from this Kickstarter will go to paying for a data analytics professional to help our team improve and update the Bee Health Guru AI algorithms to make the Bee Health Guru app better.

Auch das Team schein Ahnung zu haben

Your Bee Health Guru team is made up of world class researchers and scientists. Jerry Bromenshenk, our lead researcher, has over 30 years as a professor of biology at the University of Montana, and teaches the only online Master Beekeeping Program , offered for University Level Academic Credit, in North America, with students from every state, every province, and 15 other countries: University of Montana Online Beekeeping Course

The team was featured on the front page of the New York Times as a result of a paper published in the international journal PLoS One where, with a team of researchers from the Army, they showed a connection between the iridovirus and microspordian and colony collapse disorder (more commonly called CCD). Jerry and Colin Henderson are shown in the picture below.

Ups, “researchers from the Army” wie kommen die dazu?

Hinergrundartikel zur App / der Technik


Unlike other honey bee acoustic scanning and monitoring systems (mainly from Europe), our programs do far more than look for simple frequency markers of overall colony noise and do not rely on the user to interpret sonograms. Our custom AI’s assess a broad and complex spectrum of sound  Inspection Screen Bee Health Smart Screen attributes, far faster and better than any person could accomplish. This standardizes the analysis. Results are comparable from colony to colony without observer inaccuracy or bias, and no training of the observer is required.

Aber auch, dass Patente angemeldet sind. Das ist halt etwas schade, bei kickstarter wird es als citizens science verkauft, dann patentiert. Naja, vielleicht ist die App zumindest kostenlos.

Alles via @marten.schoonman, Danke!