Apps and research for varroa counting



EPFL in Lausanne switzerland is working on AI for varroa counting.
(video in english)
Also heard about at least 2 other projects on the same topic in france and Sweden.


Thanks for sharing this. There are some apps already available on the market. I have not tried them out. Perhaps someone is interested and like to share experiences:


Thanks for the extension @Clemens.
I also found this one on iOS

And two other ones that although not fully based on image+varroa processing are topic related.


There is a new App from Fritz Höfler / Landwirtschaftliche Lehranstalten Triesdorf.

It’s about varroa pressure and sharing the counted mites with beekeepers in the neighborhood, so you can estimate if 10 mites is high or low compared with the apiaries next “door” or next field. ;-)

There is only an Android version now:

In the news (German):


Thank you Clemens,
it’s good to know and also interesting this concept of sharing with your neighbors.

I am currently counting mites (phoretic) and it’s always difficult to know what’s too big or not. I’ve found different references on internet and not all of them give the same thresholds :-(

Sharing is also great because I believe that backyard beekeepers need much education with varroa. Talking to them and among them is one of the main levers to evolve to better colony health management.