OpenChirp: Management framework for LoRaWAN networks


OpenChirp is a management framework for low-power wireless networks based on LoRaWAN, MQTT, ProtoBuf and InfluxDB, which feels very familiar in respect to the components of our current software stack. Further, its development is also taking place completely in the open:


OpenChirp is a management framework for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN) that provides data context, storage, visualization, and access control over the web. OpenChirp is currently powering a LoRaWAN Network at Carnegie Mellon University that also spans large portions of the City of Pittsburgh. You can expand the OpenChirp network by using our software to connect your own LP-WAN base stations.


Their MQTT-to-InfluxDB forwarder system component “mqtt_influx_storage_service” is very similar to our MqttInfluxGrafanaService and also written in Python. Enjoy!