Audio acquisition and analysis with ESP32

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while working on the ARM Cortex-M0 side of this story together with @wjmb, this also came to mind:

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[1] GitHub - hiveeyes/saraswati: Saraswati is a robust, multi-channel audio recording, transmission and storage system

I’ll post my ESP32 UDP audio streaming code on github. I am thinking of combining this with full audio recording on SD card, and adding Lora for FFT transmission.

Also: the I2S mic breakout boards are quite expensive, while the components are just 2 Euro. I am thinking of making my own breakout. Any suggestions on functionality? What MIC, Left/right? Possibility to add additional mics?


Thanks, @pbrier. Happy to see you here, welcome!

I am sure the ESP32-based audio acquisition resonates well with many people here and having code at hand to sprout some discussion from that is always appreciated, so I am looking forward very much!

Regarding the hardware breakout: I am also sure some people over here might be interested in that, actually it sounds like a good plan! However, as I am not much of a hardware guy, others will have to comment about their possible requirements.

Thanks again!

P.S.: I will deliberately split this discussion into a different topic headlining it with something like “ESP32 here”. Hope you will be fine with that.

My initial thought on this (if the purpose purely is to integrate sensors):

  • ICS43434 (lower power than ICS43432)
  • some temperature/humidity sensor, such as BME280 (there seem to be many other choice out there).

I’m toying with the idea that capacitive (Theremin) sensing would possibly give interesting relative readings on the distribution and density of bees in the winter, e.g. via:

  • FDC2214; however this would be very experimental, so perhaps we should first look at the measurement principle.
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Good point, I think soldering is reflow / hot air only possible, see the PCB solder pads on First Steps (digital) Sound Recording

You have a ring of solder paste directly around the mic port! So in case positioning the mic part is not exactly in the center, solder paste will come in the port and make the mic unusable. So I don’t know if placing by hand is possible. But with a pick-and-place machine it would be no problem … ;-)

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Some Arduino code to run an I2S Microphone with an ESP32.

Thanks. Looking beyond Arduino, there are already…

Dedicated Espressif SDKs

See also