ADS1231 driver library for AVR and beyond


Dear @clemens,

thanks a bunch for mentioning the ESP8266 support for the ADS1231 library [1] at the Arduino forum [2], where the original source was taken from. I have had it on my agenda, but there are so many things in flux that this was very much at the bottom of my priority list.

By chance, it seems to have drawn some attention [3], so i have just uploaded some changes [4] to support Atmel SAM (ARM) for Arduino Due.



Problems compiling the ADS1231 library for Arduino Due and Arduino MKR1000 boards

That’s funny! Many thanks @Andreas!

Cortex M3, ok. I have some Cortex M0 boards here - we had a discussion in the MKR thread - I have today no ADS123x shield for this boards and yet not decided what board could be a good candidate for Open Hive (I think the Autonomo will make it) for a shield. But support for the Cortex M0 could be an issue for the Open Hive / hiveeyes project also in case we will make sound analyzing via I2S and measuring weight with a ADS123x also.