Very cheap stainless steel outdoor enclosure w/ solar cells

i just found LED Solarstrahler ungeprüfte Retourenware, 2er-Set by accident and thought of (very) low power solar powered node in this enclosure.

‘just’ needs an external antenna… stainless steel isn’t that nice to rf. and its not completely waterproof but splash resistant (IP44)

please comment

If it’s not nice then we don’t take it ;].

When I first saw this Pollin solar light,

it’s appearance reminded me to the Melixa thing:

The LED window looks like it can be changed to something different (maybe even a bee counter ;) but that might be too close to their patent).

After all, the Pollin ‘enclosure’ consists of some things worth to give it a try for placing solar cells close to or on the hive without beeing on top of it.