Veleda and HAPI: Automation for hydroponics and aquaponics

Hi there,

there are two more interesting projects which came to our attention. As these systems have some attributes in common with the data acquisition system of Hiveeyes, you might also be interested reading about it.


On behalf of Maya Culpa LLC, Moritz Ulmer is conceiving Veleda, an open-source data analytics platform for hydroponic systems:

[It is] a data analytics platform for hydroponic setups. It visualizes and allows analysis of data covering the growth aspects of hydroponics. In combination with the HAPI project, it creates a system that covers the data collection and automation to data storage and analysis.


HAPI, the Hydro­ponic Automa­tion Plat­form Ini­tia­tive, is about zero-footprint autonomous food production in general. You might want to have a look at its documentation and at further resources about it:


Moritz also wrote about the general idea behind the HAPI project recently:

Looks like they are also enjoying a tough ride and also share some thoughts other people aiming at building consumer-grade open source DIY systems might feel familiar with when it comes to fighting Pareto:

[…] [a] solution must come with [a similar] convenience. A viable solution can not expect users to possess the technical know-how to flash a microcontroller, much less write a line of C code. Consumers expect a product that can be plugged into a power socket, and after a minimal introduction have a functional system at their fingertips.