Včelstva online – BeeTech


The “Hives Online” project (Včelstva online) located in the Czech Republic was created as part of the BeeTech project.


The goal of the Hives Online project (also BeeTech) is to manage and develop a portal for individual registration of bees and sprays for beekeepers’ hobbies, free of charge, in the spirit of “citizen science”.

The Hives online portal, which is created within the BeeTech project, is intended for the professional and lay public in order to support the breeding and protection of bees in the Czech landscape. The web portal is currently in pilot operation. The purpose of the portal is to offer various user functions to beekeepers and farmers to facilitate mutual communication and communication with other stakeholders. The long-term intention of the project is also to enable the development of applications of modern technologies, ie the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence algorithms, in the field of beekeeping and thus to support precision agriculture in the Czech Republic.

The person responsible for the development of the portal is doc. Ing. Jan Bartoška, ​​Ph.D. from KSI PEF CULS in Prague (bartoska@pef.czu.cz). They also participate in the development of the portal with professional consultants Ing. Martin Štoncner and Martin Fouček, Dis. The development of the web portal is provided by a team of PEF CULS technicians and programmers in Prague.


portal_vcelstva_online-manual_pro_vcelare.pdf (1.7 MB)

– Original: https://vcelstva.czu.cz/files/portal_vcelstva_online-manual_pro_vcelare.pdf