Using the ESP32 with wired Ethernet

Continuing the discussion from Using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE):

Hi there,

as we all know running WiFi or other radios near the bees might not be optimal, I would like to shed some light on another option here. We could well use the ESP32 with wired Ethernet and it could even be powered over PoE.

In order to get that ball rolling, I am quickly sharing some resources here.

Support for that is also coming to MicroPython for ESP32.


Just found this within Pycom’s fork of the ESP-IDF added just recently.

Apparently, this adjusts support for the Microchip (formerly Atmel) KSZ8851 - Ethernet Controllers within the Pycom ecosystem.

Is that ‘known’ or ‘believed’?

Let’s relax that to »believed«. However, research is still ongoing in this area and there are publications which point towards negative impacts [1][2]. I believe some of them have already been channeled here, but I’m currently unable to find them back.

Nevertheless, bringing power supply to the hive over PoE is a nice thing on its own.

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