Upgrading to Discourse 2.9.0.beta4

Hi there,

we will be upgrading the Discourse software running this forum from 2.9.0.beta2 to 2.9.0.beta4. Enjoy reading about all the updates and improvements since Upgrading to Discourse 2.8.0.beta9 below. As always, kudos to the whole Discourse team for consistently delivering excellent work.

While the upgrade is taking place, the site will not be available. We ask for your understanding.

With kind regards,

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We will start the upgrade procedure at 21 o’clock CEST, which is in five minutes. It will take some time to rebuild the application, probably around ten minutes. Apologies for the interruption.

Indeed. It took 25(!) minutes to rebuild and bounce the Discourse instance. Sorry for the extended inconvenience and enjoy the new features.

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Thanks for upgrading, @Andreas!