The history and future of InfluxDB



Some words about the current and future releases of InfluxDB.

InfluxDB 0.9 to 0.13

The infancy of InfluxDB. We can find packages of InfluxDB 0.9.4 from Sep 29, 2015 and InfluxDB 0.13.0 from May 12, 2016 on our systems.

InfluxDB 1.1

We have been running InfluxDB 1.1.1 since Mar 31, 2017, see Upgrade packages for ARM Hard Float machines (armhf).

InfluxDB 1.2

We have been running InfluxDB 1.2.0 since Mar 17, 2017, see also Package upgrades. There have been upgrades to InfluxDB 1.2.2 on Mar 31, 2017 and to InfluxDB 1.2.4 on Feb 16, 2018.

InfluxDB 1.3

While there is a release of InfluxDB 1.3.9 on our package servers, we believe we skipped this version on production.

InfluxDB 1.4

We have been running InfluxDB 1.4.3 since Feb 19, 2018, see also Upgrade to InfluxDB 1.4.3 and Grafana 5.0.0-beta3.

InfluxDB 1.5

We have been running InfluxDB 1.5.3 since May 25, 2018. We will look into switching to the next release with the upcoming InfluxDB 1.6.3.


We are running InfluxDB 1.6.4 since Nov 3, 2018, see Upgrades of the Debian system, InfluxDB, Grafana and Mosquitto packages.

InfluxDB 1.6 brings some of the long-desired math functions and query operators, see

as well as some other features.

Upgrades of the Debian system, InfluxDB, Grafana and Mosquitto packages

InfluxDB 2.0

The people at InfluxData are already working on the next generation of the InfluxData Platform. It will feature a redesign of the Influx Query Language (InfluxQL) called Flux, the [new] Influx data language. If you want to read about more details, please also visit the Flux Specification.

Grafana Support for Flux is already being worked on, see GitHub - grafana/influxdb-flux-datasource: Grafana datasource plugin for Flux (InfluxDB).

About Flux aka. IFQL

If you are interested about some background information of the gear shift, you will definitively find information out there. However, we’d like to share some pointers:

  • How the New Influx Query Engine Was Designed—And How to Use It With Grafana | Grafana Labs Blog presents

    Flux, the long-awaited new functional query processing engine for InfluxDB, has finally landed. If you’re curious to learn more about the hows and whys of its design, check out this GrafanaCon EU session with InfluxData Cofounder and CTO Paul Dix. Also we’d like to share a recent presentation from David Kaltschmidt, Director, UX for Grafana Labs on the new Flux support in Grafana!

  • Have a look at InfluxQL & Kapacitor 2.0 from the design and ideation phase, which contains

    […] some ideas for the new data model of InfluxDB and a query language that unites Influx and Kapacitor into one. The goal is to have a query language that is easy to use and fits with the model of working with time series data. It should be extensible and easy for users to add new functions and build on top of some key primitives.

Getting started with Flux
Testdrive of InfluxData OSS 2.0