Terkin: system.temperature weird values

system.temperature always returns implausible values, like

system.temperature 12.6087

and Dashboard. The peaks in system.temperature are from times when I developed with the board.

Shouldn’t machine.temparature() return values in Fahrenheit and where is this formula from?

According to the latest comment here:

temp sensor feature is no longer supported

Is this related?

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Espressif removed the internal temperature sensors from the newer ESP32s. The measurement was just too unreliable.
I don’t know how many chips Pycom has on stock but eventually they will have to drop support for it, too. So we can’t rely on it either.


Thanks. So, I’ll skip the reading in Terkin

This is coming from https://github.com/micropython/micropython/pull/3933#issuecomment-403699798.

However, it looks like the ESP32-S2 still supports it, see ESP32-S2 Temperature Sensor — ESP-IDF Programming Guide v4.1-dev-1484-g9dbb7526c documentation.