Terkin for JavaScript

In our series of client-side implementations for convenient data acquisition towards the backend system, we are happy to announce yet another nozzle suitable for JavaScript applications.

This will enable easy data acquisition from JavaScript-based runtimes like the Browser or Node.js and tries to follow its sister implementations for C++, Python, MicroPython, Bash and PHP.

Ping @ron. Have fun!

Live example for testdrive

For publishing data to the Hiveeyes Backend, this snippet should get you an idea how this could work for you. As the “testdrive” channel does not impose any restrictions on authentication, you are free to try submissions there as you like. For getting individual credentials, we are happy to answer your request as outlined at Echtbetrieb.

Source code

var terkin = require('./terkin');

var telemetry_node = new terkin.TelemetryNode(
        "realm": "hiveeyes",
        "network": "testdrive",
        "gateway": "terkin",
        "node": "js-node-01",

var data = {"temperature": 42.84, "humidity": 83.01};


Watch telemetry data at the Grafana Dashboard: Labor / Terkin-JavaScript.



Have fun!