Spatial Audio Python Package "spaudiopy"


Spatial Audio Python Package.

The focus (so far) is on spatial audio decoders. The package includes e.g. spherical harmonics processing and (binaural renderings of) loudspeaker decoders, such as VBAP and ALLRAD.


This is because I got notified about the initial release 0.1.1 happening today. Might be interesting for @tox.

Don’t know whether this might be relevant for @tox’s, @Diren’s and @wjmb’s research into audio, but at the project referenced above, Chris Hold just submitted


However, things around


seem to be more related to audio synthesis and respective simulations than audio recording and analysis. On the other hand, there might still be some gems to find there.

Nevertheless, things like Higher order Ambisonics (NFC-HOA) are referenced within the documentation to and, so I thought it would be good idea to share this with the real scientists amongst us.

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