Restoring lost resources from the Web

OSBH Forum is back again:

This is for the records.

Mirror of

After was going south, we tried to restore the valuable content from the Internet Archive and republished it at



The OSBH Forum on went dead around summer 2016. Shortly after, was born. As this lacked many good articles, we tried to restore the forum from the Internet Archive (see above).


We just recognized isn’t available anymore, but seems to be back again, maybe even containing the valuable content we have been trying to restore the other day? Enjoy!

Cheers to @Tristan_OSBH and @Aaron, happy to see the original OSBH forum is coming back to the community!

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Mirror of

There’s also which went down.
We saved it to

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Mirror of

Unfortunately, also went down recently in August 2018.
We are currently in the process of restoring it from the Internet Archive again.

Glad to see it’s still here:, it just lacks the entrypoint from
Note there is also: