Recommendations regarding (directional) antennae

do you have any recommendations on which antennas to use? We are looking to use WiFi and GSM in BOB, but I have no experience with external antennas. Are there any really bad ones to avoid?

Thanks for your input!

Background is also that “normal” antennas like that one sold from PyCom as LoRa antenna or WiFi antenna are omnidirectional antennae. To avoid or reduce radiation on the hive we thought that directional antennae would be better. Should be capable to run outdoors and should not be expensive.

OSBH also has some topics about antennas:

Also about omnidirectional, not what you asked for:

(mostly flat panel)

Flat panels do not look very conspicuous, and aiming during installation is easy. If more gain and / or a narrower beam is needed, helix and Yagi antennae are the ones to look for. Always watch out for possible wind load problems. If even more distance must be bridged, there are Wifi grid dishes.

oh… seen this now, my examples are not the ones to avoid! ;)

Concerning 2,4GHz-WLAN, …hmmm… I have one candidate to avoid which I have to search for in the attic, forgot the brand.

2G/3G/4G : besides the telco carrier, selection of those means in case of 2G at least considering the bands the next transmission tower is equipped with: 900 MHz or 1800 MHz. In best case, the selected carrier has fixtures for both bands, but esp. in the countryside this is not always the case.

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Wir haben vom BOB-Projekt aus 50 Stück PAT2409-Antennen plus Kabel N-male to UFL 20cm bestellt.


I like to highlight the fact that for a radio-link it always helps already in both directions when you optimizing one end (and of course even more when you optimize both ends). So thinking about the access-point-side seems a bit necessary to me, too. In our scenario a regular home-router has omni-directional antennas and is most likely located behind at least one wall.

Talking about WLAN I would be curious what distances one could achieve to a regular ESP/FiPy (first with no antenna modifications) when using a dedicated, directed outdoor accesspoint, mounted in a way that it faces the ESP in a free line of sight. I am thinking about AP-models like