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Subscribing to a category in Discourse

How to

To subscribe to a category, navigate to it and set its notification status to “Watching”:

  • Now you’ll be notified for every new post in this category. These notifications will appear as a blue bubble on your avatar in the top right of every page.
  • You’ll also be emailed with notifications when you’re not active on the site.
  • If you’d like to be emailed even when you are active, and make your experience as much like a mailing list as possible, we’ve got some steps you can follow.

How do I subscribe to categories and topics? - FAQs - Mozilla Discourse


  1. Go to the category page of BOB Entwicklung - Hiveeyes.

  2. Press the button on the right hand side as outlined below.

  3. Select “Watching”.

  4. Ready.


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