New motivated French guy

Hello everyone,

I stumbled upon your forum and found a lot of very interesting information. I introduce myself I am christophe, I am an beekeeper amateur in France (100km below Paris) and I am passionate on electronics side. I started a year ago to develop a connected hive. The prototype I am currently working on, uses a Lora communication system through the things network to node red and finally the Blynk application

I used an ESP32 mini with an RFM95, for the temp and humidity I have an BNE280, for the hive temp DS18N20 and a thermo MAX6675, for the weight HX711 and 4 3 wires load sensor, but I will move to a H30a load sensor.

Now all is in test in my house to see the life time of my battery, I send the data every 2 hours and I using the deep sleep mode on the ESP32


Dear Christophe,

thanks for visiting our small community and welcome! Thanks also for sharing more details about your rig, we are sure this will inspire others.

As we recognize you already have all the local components in place, we are a) looking forward if you would like to join our shared data acquisition collective if you are interested in getting some nice graphs out of our Grafana instance on and b) wish you a nice stay together with all the other beekeepers here sharing a common interest in their enthusiasm about beehive monitoring.

With kind regards,

Hi Christophe,

might I ask you why you are going to switch to the H30 sensor? What were the problems you had with the half bridges?

Hi poesel,

with time the weight varies too much and with the temperature there can be 500gr of difference