Native Modules in MicroPython

Damien George is working on this feature since quite a while, see Dynamic native modules v2 by dpgeorge · Pull Request #1627 · micropython/micropython · GitHub, which recently got superseded by also comes into play in this context.

People are also asking about this on compiling C modules into loadable shared objects - MicroPython Forum and Damien gives respective introductions at the MicroPython Meetup in Melbourne within two presentations. Enjoy!

Native code generation is coming to MicroPython for ESP32

While coming to [ESP32] The Viper code emitter · Issue #4607 · micropython/micropython · GitHub, we just found that MicroPython will already support native code generation for ESP32.

Thanks, Damien!

P.S.: However, we will have to be a bit patient to get that supported on Pycom MicroPython. This feature will probably part of the upcoming Genuine MicroPython 2.0 release while Pycom MicroPython just moved to MicroPython 1.11 the other day.

P.P.S.: Also interesting in this regard are trying to build mpy with dynamic libs for esp32 with xtensa-gcc · Issue #4916 · micropython/micropython · GitHub and Tool to generate native .mpy files from a .elf file (dynamically loadable native code) by dpgeorge · Pull Request #5083 · micropython/micropython · GitHub.