Migrating from TTNv2 to TTNv3

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as probably most of you know already, TTN is migrating from V2 to V3, which is a disruptive change. More information can be found at:

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Sunsetting V2

Activities by Hiveeyes people

  1. @Thias submitted an update to the CayenneLPP payload decoder the other day already, see adapt decoder function to The Things Stack V3 by thiasB · Pull Request #23 · ElectronicCats/CayenneLPP · GitHub.
  2. @tonke is working on adjusting Terkin for CPython / Raspberry Pi / Dragino accordingly, see Terkin-Variante für CPython / Raspberry Pi / Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT - #12 by Andreas.
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I just received this letter from TTN. They are getting serious now.

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So there is a bolt-hole! ;-) Let’s see how many excuses TTN will get based on

Maybe this is helpful to anyone?