Many thanks! / BOB / hiverize bee

Today I got a tiny parcle from Praha with some nice printed bees you may know from the BOB / hiverize project.

[edit] see below! The black / yellow seems to be printed with a double extruder machine but there is also a tree color pice with white base, black ground and yellow bee.

Very nice! Perhaps we can use the white one as stamp or the negativ as stencil to brand the BOB hives


I am glad you like it. When I am back from holidays I have already some plans to make them a bit nicer with some tweeked printer settings.

The multicolored are only spray painted. I had a few minutes to spare and wondered that it would be a nice touch to paint some.


Ahh, so Iā€™m wrong! Nice and exact painting!

So. Back from holidays. You wanted to try some negative image as a stamp ? What would you plan to stamp it with ? Color on wood or perhaps some wax seal ? Also how big should it be ? I could print some tests to see how it looks.

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