Linux Magazine: Minimally invasive beekeeping with a Raspberry Pi


Lars and Heike Jurzik wrote about unattended beekeeping and referenced Hiveeyes and Open Hive. Thanks!


Beekeepers can get to know their colonies better without continuously disturbing the industrious insects. Using a Raspberry Pi and various sensors, two hobby beekeepers monitor the temperature and humidity of their hives, with plans to monitor their weight.
Because beekeepers do not normally open the hives during the winter months, they cannot know if the population is thriving. Inspired by the Hiveeyes Project [1] and the Open Hive Monitoring System [2], we planned our own monitoring solution for our colonies.


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Great, great! Funny, you can get the English version for $ 2.95 and the German for EUR 0,99! I assume it’s the same content! ;-)